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Discover How To Quickly Increase Your New Patient Attraction By 20+ Per Month, Double Your Retention And Boost Your Income With An Efficient, Affordable, And Revolutionary Home Based Learning System!
Are you looking for a flood of new patients, building your practice from the comfort of your home, with the latest in practice building techniques…all without paying high fees?

If you would like to attract more and better new patients with less work and cut waste out of your marketing dollars, I urge you to
lock the door, take the phone off the hook, kick off your shoes, get comfortable, and watch this brief video...
It WILL change your life!
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Hi Doc!

You are probably here because you are looking to grow your practicequickly and affordably!

You are about to discover the #1 reason why my new “JETPACK” is one of the best ways to attract more new patients and grow your practice FAST!
This invitation will reveal the secrets on a BRAND NEW home based program, on how to finally leverage your time and practice (the right way), to DOMINATE your market, get MASSIVE amounts of new patients, and keep them in a wellness based model…for LIFE.
Many in the profession consider me one of the top marketing and practice development coaches in the business, and many doctors worldwide pay me top dollar just to get an hour of my time to share my secrets.

Many of you know me as a coach, entrepreneur and practice builder.  You may have heard that I’ve helped build some of the largest and most successful cash based practices in North America.

What many doctors don’t know, is that much of that GROWTH and SUCCESS came from the ability of these doctors to use wildly successful new patient attraction techniques and savvy procedures, that brought in HUNDREDS of new patients and predictably moved them towards LIFETIME care.

And every doctor, including YOU, knows that practice success is dependent upon the number of new patients that you can attract to your practice every month!

But It Didn’t Start That Way With Me.  I Learned The Hard Way!

I learned from the school of hard knocks; spending thousands of hours, flying to countless seminars to learn how to build my practice. 
After 20 years of studying with the best in the industry, I MASTERED the best practice building and new patient attraction techniques and helped others around the globe do the same.
This has made me an AUTHORITY and one of the most sought after practice building GURUS in the industry.
Now, I know there are lots of great coaches to choose from, but how many can actually make the claim of building the million dollar practice and helping HUNDREDS of doctors worldwide by cracking the code on mastering the best practice building  techniques.  
Wouldn’t You Agree...
That the market today is really different than from years ago?  There are MORE doctors, MORE competition…and to be quite honest, it is getting a lot tougher than it use to be.  Unless you have the right recipe, the new patient attraction has become a major challenge!

Compound that with the FACT that most doctors are OVERWHELMED, OVERWORKED and quite simply have NO EXTRA TIME in their day to spend hours putting together marketing campaigns.  Add to that a family, kids, house chores and everyday life, and there’s little or NO TIME to market your practice!

Have You Found Yourself In That Dilemma?

Can I Show You How To Easily Get The Most New Patients For Such An Affordable Investment, That Can Predictably Add 20+ New Patients To Your Practice…Every Month!

How much would you pay to have new patients practically delivered to your door: $2,000…$1,000…$500 per month? 
Can I Have Your Permission...?

To show you something NEW, that is so radically and ridiculously affordable, that my best friends think I’m CRAZY!

And why am I doing this?  Because I sincerely want YOU to succeed...Period! 
I’m really tired of doctors of all ages, suffering needlessly in practice and life.  I mean seriously…no one out there is helping!  It’s like you graduated and were cast out on your own.
And The Other Systems That You’ve Tried…
Just Didn’t Work!

Many of you need and crave RESULTS right now!  And you may have tried other systems, but they just didn’t work.  They were too expensive or you found them too time consuming.  You weren’t sure where to begin.  And the bottom line is you didn’t get RESULTS. SAD!  And a colossal waste of your hard earned dollars.

You’ll Realize All The HOURS Of Time My New System Will SAVE You, Along With The DAYS And YEARS Of Trial, Error And More Testing You Won’t Have To Suffer Through.

You’ll also realize how this new system will give you such an INSANELY UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over your competition, that are stuck using wasteful traditional advertising methods, that are bleeding their ad budgets dry.
The Solution...
The World’s Easiest-To-Implement Automated Marketing, And Affordable System That Attracts New Patients, Doubles Retention And Significantly Increases Your Income Quickly!

You simply cannot SURVIVE or GROW without new patients and that’s a FACT.  And you’ll never have security and peace of mind if you cannot confidently and affordably create a steady flow of new patients.
That’s why most doctors cannot, will not, or do not approach their business and their marketing needs in an organized manner, that’s essential for gaining the competitive edge.

Because they have NO SYSTEM. And that’s where “JETPACK” comes in.  It eliminates the hassles of prepping for attracting tomorrow’s new patients.  The very things that most doctors avoid like the plague, when looking for more new patients.
I've always believed that there was a learnable, adaptable, step-by-step path to marketing mastery and profit-certain practice success. 
And now I am honoured to share this winning system with you – a systematic set of up to 10 monthly strategies and tools you can apply to your practice to magnetically pull in more prospects and profits than you are currently making.

I’m so happy to help you design the ULTIMATE MARKETING BLUEPRINT, that acts like a funnel to draw patients in…It’s easy, fast and is guaranteed to create an avalanche of new patients in your practice…that I promise you’ll smile all the way to the bank.  

"Mike Reid is simply a friggin genius when it comes to creating the new patient machine.  Every one of his tools is pure GOLD.  Best move I have made in marketing my practice.  His tools will EASILY add $100,000 to $150,000 to any practice. "

- Dr Kahlid Mankal
Barrhaven, Ontario

Look At Everything You Get With JETPACK!

With JETPACK, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. 95% of the work is done for you. You just fill in the specifics about your practice contact info and let the system do the work for you, to MAGNETICALLY attract your ideal patients.

That’s the beauty of this—there’s no “guesswork” or “trial and error” you will have to muddle through to figure out what works. 
And when you TAKE ACTION and CLAIM your JETPACK today, your practice and life will become more enjoyable and you will be able to sleep better at night, knowing your books are FULL of new patient…and so is the bank account.

Words cannot describe how the new JETPACK  system is going to save you TONS of time, money, and frustration.  That’s because when you  sign up, you’ll receive REAL world class marketing pieces (that I used in my million dollar practice), that you can “legally steal” for your own practice promotions.

What Is The JetPack System?


It’s Actually 4 Things In 1:

#1) It’s a set of GROUND BREAKING, PRACTICE STRATEGIES “moved over” from my million dollar practice and used to help hundreds of global clients go from zero to millions.
It can be used in any type of practice, small or large, and by any type of practitioner. This is a different, better, saner, and a more productive path to business growth, by attracting your ideal new patients, and to give you a much bigger payoff from your marketing efforts.    

#2) It’s a MONSTER-SIZED yet easily utilized TOOLBOX of ready or near-ready tools organized in 10 different categories to choose from. Your level of engagement will determine your level of success.
We don’t only SHOW you every strategy actually implemented, but we will give you video and script instructions. Your samples and examples can be easily “tweaked” for your use, including examples that are copyright-free for that exact purpose.  This is “what works today”, so you’re not left to implement outdated, antiquated, tired and old marketing tools.

You’ll be attracting a flood of your ideal new patients in no time.

#3) It’s everything you need in a TRUE MARKETING SYSTEM. That means you go to bed at night, every night, knowing where your next new prospects or new patients are coming from. 
You’re not merely wondering, wishing, praying, and hoping that something will happen or that you’ll ever have more than your current 5 new patients per month. That’s because this system is in sync with the emerging new economy, like the internet and social media.

This is a SYSTEM borrowed from every tool that has been effectively used and has produced new patients in million dollar practices worldwide.
#4) It’s FULL of 10 monthly training videos, audio learning and magnetic marketing tools to compliment all this material with easy to listen to monthly, 20 minute videos that will walk you through mastery training on A-Z procedures. 

Gone are the days of trying to figure it out through “trial and error”. You can join live or listen to our series of Power Talks, Master Talks and Chiropractic C.A. Black-Belt Calls with successful doctors from around the world.
No more seminars to travel to, expensive flights and hotels.  You can relax in your pajamas on Saturday morning and learn from the comfort of your home.

"I have known Dr. Mike Reid for a lot of years, and when many of his peers are starting to "dial it down", Dr. Mike is just starting to really "crank it up"! 
His passion for helping chiropractors grow and prosper, coupled with his unshakable understanding of the "Big Idea" is palpable, and his ability to "cut to the chase" sets him apart from many of his contemporaries."
- Dr Steven Silk
Wiarton, Ontario

Here’s What You’ll Learn
When You Sign Up:

How to prepare your month so that you can effortlessly attract 3-4  times the national average.

How to easily ask for and get referrals from patients, their friends and their family.

Secrets to having fun again in your practice with a monthly theme for success.

How to use direct response to double and triple your new patient numbers

How to promote workshop events, 30 days in advance and create “standing room” only. Our beta made $6800 in the first night!

Secrets to closing talks, doctor’s reports and any speaking engagement that brings a flood of new patients in the door.

Video training for producing effective screenings, team meetings, objection management, Day 1, Day 2 procedures and more

The 6 simple steps to effectively bringing in 90% of all the family members for their spinal check-up.

How to maximize the results from your website that can transform it into a 7/24 ATM and other little-known secrets to dominating #1 ranking.

Secrets to your weekly handouts and how to get your patients to post and pass it along.

Secrets to ask for and get tons of new patients…without spending a cent. It's called "mission based chiropractic" and it works like a charm!

The 10 critical elements to direct mail and social media ads that have produced 150 to 250 new patients. Our doctors are CRUSHING it!

How to set up, and execute effective patient promo days that regularly draw in 10-15 new patients.

Monthly “Power Workshop” power points each loaded with the 10 marketing tools that will create a standing room only workshop.

Weekly Power, Master and C.A. conference calls that train you towards practice mastery status...Guaranteed!

Discover the secret to generating a constant flow of new visitors to your website. Ours get 3x the average website.

Find out how to convert more of your website visitors into qualified prospects who are ready to visit your office.

Learn the simple tweaks that can dramatically increase the average profit you generate from each new patient...10%-20%

53% of prospects choose the first organic position. Identify your technical issues that may be preventing your website from top ranking.

And much, much, more!  

“Will JETPACK Work In My Practice?”
The answer is YES. There’s something here for EVERYONE. Whether you are starting out and need to master proven strategies like screenings and outside talks, or are a seasoned veteran and want the “lazy man’s” approach to marketing.
The tools here are proven in OVER 100 tested and proven marketing strategies, currently used by the “Masters Elite” in our coaching program and are now consolidated here for you, into our super affordable home-based learning  program.
Why Do You Need This? 
Because I’m about to save you time, money, energy and frustration….

While adding 20+ more new patients per month to your bottom line!

The JETPACK, is ONLY for progressive doctors that want top-level incomes, without the ulcers and agony “other” doctors have to endure to achieve a mediocre business success. 
This is the newest, expanded and most comprehensive marketing system featuring more examples than ever…all for such an insanely AFFORDABLE price.   
It cuts out all the fat, waste, and mystery from marketing and provides a simple collection of tools and strategies that are the solid foundation for profitable practice marketing, with a profoundly competitive advantage.

When You Grab A JETPACK…Here’s
What It Will Do For You!

It’s strategically designed to easily and affordably add 20+ more new patients to your practice…every month.  My global clients are doing it…so can YOU!
Add $5,000, $10,000, even $20,000 to every month, because you added 20+ new patients with 10 new and effective marketing tools delivered to your email.  Just calculate your case average x the number of monthly new patients.
Reduce the stress of paying your monthly bills, because you instantly added more financial freedom.
Fast track yourself to success with 12 Fast Track videos that hold your hand through day 1, day 2 procedures and our 26 newest training videos that are chalk full of 20 years of learning experience from a million dollar per year practice.
Learn from other Masters in the profession from our monthly Power Talks, Master Talks and Black Belt C.A. calls, that will transform your office with growth strategies.
Create that waiting list practice you always dreamed about, because now, you have more new patients than you ever dreamed possible.
Double, triple or even quadruple your current volume, because you now have an endless supply of new patients.
Master how to predictably move patients to lifetime wellness care through our 26 video training series.  Each is designed to give you a $10,000 lesson
Improve the functionality of your website…because it’s suppose to produce more new patients.
Join our new Facebook "Masters Tribe" to share, learn and perfect new practice building skills.
Bring back the fun, joy and energy in your practice and stop the despair of low volume, low retention and low or negligible profit income.
Create so much more volume and income that you can hire that associate or C.A. that you have always dreamed about.
The End RESULT...
More fun!  More joy! More income!  And that great lifestyle you were promised when you signed up to be a doctor.  More importantly, you’ll be IMPACTING more lives, and improving the lives of families in your community.


I’m so proud of this new project…and so convinced it will add more new patients, revenue, and happiness in your life…that I’m willing to let you test drive it for 30 days for only $1.  

I am offering this service for a limited$1.00, 30 DAY TRIAL, because I know many of you are struggling with attracting as many new patients as possible…and to be quite honest…it won’t interfere with my top paying clients.
They are already maxing out with their new patient machines…and what’s more important, we collectively see only 2% of the population…so we need more successful doctors serving more new patients.

Please understand that I’m not offering a sales pitch in disguise.  I GENUINELYwant you to see more people, and I BELIEVE my program will help you. 
I promise not to pester or pressure you in any way at all.  You can try my program for 30 days for only $1.  And if you are not happy with the results, then simply stop. 
If you feel like I’ve even wasted one second of your time, then don’t continue the subscription to this incredibly affordable program and keep all the bonuses, valued at $11,000 as my gift to you!  No questions asked!

I Almost Forgot!  I Am Including Over $11,000 Worth Of Bonuses.
My 12 Month Marketing Wall Calendar

You can have a daily visual of all of these marketing tools.

(Valued at $197.00)
2 FREE Tickets To Any Mastery Training University
Bring a friend, spouse or associate to any of our 1 or 2 day trainings - anywhere, worldwide!
(Valued at $594.00)
Secrets To Successful Screenings Toolkit
Master how to turn 50% of your prospects into new patient examinations. Great for associates, screening teams and new doctors.
(Valued at $197.00)
Guide to Successful Social Media Marketing 
Raved as free internet based marketing. This guide has produced hundreds of new patients in social marketing mediums.
(Valued at $10,000.00)

Now before we go any further, you need to know that I can’t help everyone.
I can only be of benefit to doctors who genuinely want help to serve more patients, can give me 1 hour per month to implement the marketing materials given to them, and who want to increase their income.
So How Much Does This Marketing System That Transforms Ordinary Practices Into Successful, Booming & Profitable Businesses Cost?
You’ll Be Pleasantly SURPRISED!

You could certainly spend THOUSANDS of dollars traveling on expensive flights, lodging in overpriced hotel rooms and even bringing your team.

Consider that you will be implementing tools of up to 10 major, highly profitable strategies for getting new patients, not to mention developing improved sales and referrals from present patients.   
And instead of being dependent on others who do not know the intricacies and details of OUR business or who have never run a successful chiropractic office, feel assured that you will be implementing a proven system that is used by HUNDREDS of my clients worldwide.  
BEST PART: it won’t cost you tens of thousands of dollars.  In actuality, JETPACK is worth at least $100,000 considering that the 95% done-for-you, ready to use campaigns.    

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near the conservative real value.  I am a passionate CHAMPION of chiropractors worldwide, with a VISION to ensure every man, woman and child can visit YOU, for chiropractic care.  
And it further frustrates me to see you shoveled out-dated, antiquated, tired old marketing when you need REAL help. 
So that’s why I’ve put together this super affordable JETPACK, with what works in TODAY’S real chiropractic world, so you can take action and profit today!

After Your 30 Day Trial Of JETPACK, You Can Choose To Continue To Engage and Grow Your Practice...
Or Stop Anytime…No Questions Asked!
Your Limited Time Offer Includes Stealing JETPACK For Only

$1.00 For 30 Days!
Yep. That's it!

There Is Even A Remarkably Generous Double Guarantee! 
Your First Guarantee: You have a FULL 30 DAYS to examine everything, after your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL, and if for ANY reason or even NO reason at all, just call or email me, and tell me you want to stop, and that you don’t want your second month’s subscription of the world’s most incredible home based marketing and online procedural tools for Chiropractors.  
No questions, no hassle, no fine print. Incidentally, I am devoted to helping practitioners, and working with satisfied doctors only.  If you are not going to PROFIT from my system, I would prefer that you not use it.  

Your Second Guarantee:  I’m so confident that my system will kick ass in your practice (as it did mine), if you keep the system after 2 months, I will ride along with you for another 10 months, and if, after a full year, you can show me proof that you have used at least 10 strategies, or tools from JETPACK, and you can look me in the eye, and on paper, and tell me that you didn’t get your money’s worth....I will still refund every penny you’ve paid.    

That means you can try JETPACK for FREE.  It will either be FREE thanks to the immediate surge of new patients  that will come in your door or website.  Or it will be FREE when you return it for a full refund.  

If you don’t feel like you are ROBBING me, with the BEST and MOST COMPREHENSIVE marketing platform on the planet, and the BEST $1 you have spent for your marketing education.

I’ll gladly refund your investment…no questions asked…and you can KEEP MY BONUSES (Valued at $11,000)!

What that means to you is this: there’s no way you can make a MISTAKE.  You’ll know very quickly you’ve made a spectacular investment and you’ll keep PROFITING month after month, year after year.

I’m sure you could come up with lots of reasons to wait.  Everybody’s instinct is to stop short of pulling out his or her credit card to spend money.  Even for $1.00 
You’re probably no exception!   

You urgently need DIFFERENT and SUPERIOR strategies and tools to stay ahead of the curve, to make yourself competitive in today’s world.  

JETPACK is meant to be used for TWO things:

NOW is the time to motivate new patients to come to YOU, choose YOU, trust YOU and buy from YOU, even if they are resisting everyone else.
We know that when you take action today, and LAUNCH your practice with JETPACK, you’ll be absolutely thrilled with the results.  

So...If You Are....

Unhappy with the results you’ve been getting with your current new patient  attraction?

Not enjoying the financial lifestyle that you want, crave and deserve?

Realize that on your current game plan you will not be financially ahead in the next 5 to 10 years?

Currently dissatisfied with the current status of your practice or are struggling.

Felt the adverse impact of the angst and reality of new competition

Finished with traveling, expensive flights, hotels and time away from your family.
Frustrated with what was working for you, is no longer producing results.

Frustrated, tired or worried…and working like a dog, more than 40 hours/week.

Stuck with the jealous chiropractor in your city, or associate who complains and sucks the life out of you.

Already doing really, really well in your practice and are just looking for some extra strategies.

Looking to add to your income with fresh and exciting 2014 materials

…then you NEED JETPACK. 

When you sign up for JETPACK, you get access to my Members Only Website:
  • 90 Day Fast Track Videos

  • 26 Brand New Video Training Modules   

  • Monthly "Practice Builders Academy"

  • Monthly Power Talk

  • Monthly Master Talk

  • Monthly CA Talk

  • Access To All Mastery Training Universities (Seminars)
    (Registration Extra)

  • Invitation To Our Private Facebook "Masters Tribe" To Chat With Doctors In the Masters Community
As soon as you get access, start with your first campaign, watch the videos, listen to the audios, open the power points and the marketing materials.  I PROMISE you’ll start to get VERY excited.   

You’ll see all the samples and examples of FRESH and SUCCESSFUL marketing campaigns, and you’ll realize how EASY it will be to use these to stimulate a COLOSSAL increase of income and new patients in your practice.   

Marketing will no longer be a mystery! You’ll have amazing certainty and confidence in your ability to serve more people, create a better income and live an extraordinary life.    

There are far more intelligent ways of prospecting, advertising, and marketing than the “Stone Age” methods that most doctors have been used to. 
Are these the methods you currently use?  Are these the reason you DON’T have the new patients and the increased income you want?   

With JETPACK, you’ll be introduced to an entirely new style of marketing that will bring you a constant stream of QUALITY new patients.   

This is a good, sound and important investment YOU need to make right NOW. Don’t procrastinate! Don’t wait!  Get JetPack right now while it’s still hot on your mind...and while it's still only $1.00!

IMAGINE the revenue and potential new patients you stand to miss out on if you don’t take me up on this incredible offer.

Here’s What You Need To Do Next:

1.    Fill out the order form for your 30 day $1.00 trial

2.    Check your email for your members only link
3.    Ready? Set...Start Growing!

P.S. - You Can Execute These Strategies Badly And Still Get A Positive Return On Your Investment!
That’s the beauty of JETPACK.  You don’t need a genius IQ, special skills, or talent.  Just work the system and you could get results. 
It’s like McDonalds.  Do they have gourmet chefs making their burgers? No, they have 17-year old high school kids who have never cooked anything in their life.  In the same vein, you don’t have to be a marketing genius to get results from JETPACK.  Follow the easy to use and simple instructions and that’s it.   

Just one or two extra new patients you wouldn’t otherwise have attracted, could allow you to get your investment back within the FIRST 7 DAYS of implementing JETPACK into your practice.  Do the math based on your case average.  It’s a no-brainer!


Dedicated To Your Success, Multiplying Your New Patients and Drastically Increasing Your New Income,

Dr. Mike Reid

Building Million Dollar Practices Worldwide!
P.S.  Let’s face it:  the next 5 years are going to go by anyway. Are you going to spend those 5 years worrying about your practice and fretting about money 24 hours/day and 7 days/week?  
Or are you going to spend the next 5 years attracting your share of new patients, and using a rock solid system many of the Masters Elite have implemented for their own practices?  
Imagine a life where you don’t have to worry about where your next new patient is going to come from.  A life where you are able to double or triple your new patient flow, while your competitors are struggling to make ends meet. Take action now and you could be one of those thrilled with the results.   

P.P.S.  You see, money and business worries doesn’t just affect you and your business, they also affect your quality time with your family and friends.  When you’re constantly worrying about money and your business, it puts stress on your family and strain on your business. 
JETPACK isn’t just about attracting new patients—it’s about creating a better life, where your business success overflows into other areas of your life.  But nothing happens unless you take action right NOW!