Introducing The Chiropractic Masters Team

Alexandra RodionovaAlexandra Rodionova
Executive Program Director

Working with Dr Mike Reid for approximately 6 years now, Alexandra started out at his chiropractic clinic in Ottawa - filling the Public Relations role. Quickly grasping Dr Mike’s marketing style and technique, she contributed to the growth of his practice and learned the ins and outs of every protocol, procedures and tool taught by Dr Mike. Surely, when a job opening at Chiropractic Masters International occurred, it was a natural fit.

Today, Alex truly enjoys the creative environment in all aspects of her position with CMI and truly injects her sincere care, personal style and value of quality into everything she does.


Dr. Darren PonceletDr. Darren Poncelet
Front Line Executive Coach

Committed to the community and children's health, Dr. Darren founded the Children's Health Festival in 2004 and the event is now held annually each September in Newmarket, ON. The event has grown over the years providing fun activities for children and their families and an opportunity to learn and be exposed to a variety of health practitioners, health options, healthy lifestyle and food choices for the whole family.

His passion and ongoing mission is to educate the community about the wonderful benefits of Chiropractic and how to achieve optimal health. Over the years Dr. Darren has helped many achieve their health goals, recover from unfortunate accidents and injuries and maximize their health potential.


Dr. Peter BuzekDr. Peter Buzek
Front Line Executive Coach

Dr Peter Buzek received his undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph where he obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics. In 1990, he attended the prestigious Logan Chiropractic College in St. Louis, Missouri. After ten semesters of study, he returned to Ontario where he wrote the Canadian and Provincial Boards, both necessary in order to practice chiropractic in Ontario. Since graduating, he has furthered his studies to be fully competent in adjusting the skull bones through a technique called CATS (Cranial Adjusting Turner Style).

Not only is Dr. Peter extrememly educated, trained and skilled, runs a successful practice, he is also very passionate about humanitarian work. Dr Peter runs our annual "Chiropractors Without Borders" mission trip. In 2006, 2007 and 2009 he led our non-profit mission to the Dominican Republic, where he adjusted thousands of people daily!


Drs. Michele Bernatchez, Dr Francois PoirierDrs. Michele Bernatchez, Dr Francois Poirier
Front Line Executive Coaches, Quebec

Two of the most successful chiropractors in the province of Quebec, Drs Michele and Francois have exuded an incredible knowledge and implementation of the Chiropractic Masters principles and procedures to build one of the highest volume and income practices in Quebec.

Dr. Brian MooreDr. Brian Moore
Front Line Executive Coach

Dr. Brian has been a practicing chiropractor since 1978 and is the founder of Moore Chiropractic Group. Amazingly enough, after all these years, Dr. Moore’s passion for chiropractic continues to grow stronger as he studies with the true masters and learns from them what chiropractic is truly about. He carries this into his practice by sharing with his patients what he has learned about the chiropractic lifestyle including living in the optimal physical, emotional and spiritual balance from above down, inside out.

Dr. Moore is currently Vice-President of York-Peel Chiropractic Society where he supervises the society and is engaged in securing inspirational speakers in this regard.

As a riding delegate for the Ontario Chiropractic Association Dr. Moore is actively involved at Queen’s Park with numerous MPPs discussing regulation and policy endorsing patient access and active health for the people of Ontario.

Dr Brian is a dedicated father, chiropractor and leader in the city of Toronto. Due to his outstanding dedication to Chiropractic Masters and holding the principles of Chiropractic, he was recently awarded CMI’s BJ Palmer’s Lifetime Achievement award. He is also one of our dedicated masterminding accountability training leaders.

Dr. Ron WagnerDr. Ron Wagner
Front Line Executive Coach

Dr. Ron Wagner was born and raised in the Ingersoll area and was a student at the University of Western Ontario.  He graduated in 1984 from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, and began practicing in Parkhill. 

Education is a vital part of Dr. Wagner's chiropractic practice.  He attends many seminars each year to keep updated on the latest research, methods, and techniques available in the field to give his patients the best care possible.  His approach to chiropractic healthcare is based on the wellness model. 

Dr Ron is not only one of our accountability cell leaders, but has dedicated his life to chiropractic through building one of the most successful practices in Ontario and participating in our mission trips to Dominican republic.



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