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Toolkit of Marketing Mastery

You Can Now Master The Keys To Successful Marketing With A Proven System Of Over 100+ Internal And External Tools To Empower Your Practice And Rocket It To A New Level. A Proven Track Record That Guarantees 40-80+ New Patients Per Month.

Here is what's included:

  • The 10 Secrets To Every Marketing Piece To Increase Responses 10 Fold
  • How To Build A 12 Month Marketing Calendar For A Continual Flow Of New Patients.
  • Secrets To Setting Up Powerful Trade Shows And Health Fairs
  • How To Qualify And Close 50% Of All The Attendees At A Screening For Maximal Results.
  • Simple, No B.S. Techniques To Ask For And Get Tons Of Referrals And Create Raving Fans That Will Boost Your New Patient Machine.
  • 4 Of The Most Effective "Killer Ad" Style Marketing Pieces That Drive 10-15 New Patients In Every Time.
  • Setting Up Outside Talks - What To Do & Say - That Will Drive Them Into Your Office.
  • One Simple Step To Take That Gets ALL Family Members In For A Check-Up.


Regular Price: $397.00


The World's #1 Doctor's Report

An invaluable guide to introduce new patients to a million-dollar Chiropractic office. Turn your patients onto Chiropractic for life! From current health trends to researched evidence-based benefits of the Chiropractic lifestyle for a lifetime.

Here is what's included:

    • CD With Full Doctors Report Slides (Over 140 Slides) That You Can Customize For Your Practice - Use Them All Or Just A Few - Your Choice!
    • DVD Video Of Dr Mike Presenting A Live Doctors Report - If Public Speaking Is A Problem For You, Let The DVD Do All The Work!
    • Discover How To Create Lifetime Patients Who Share Your Vision!
    • Convert 80% Of Your New Patients To Lifetime Wellness Care!
    • Simple Scripting That Will Change Your Practice Forever!
    • Checklists That Will Keep You And Your Team Prepped, Organized And On Track - No More Guess Work!
    • One Simple Step To Take That Gets ALL Family Members In For A Check-Up.


Regular Price: $397.00


Power Workshops

Create a REVOLUTION by presenting powerful, educational and inspiring health workshops to patients in your office, large companies and corporations, organizations, churches, schools, and dinner workshops. Attract new patients, retain existing patients and create corporate wellness clubs!

Here is what's included:

  • Bone Health
  • Arthirtis
  • How to Harness 10X More Daily Energy
  • Detox
  • Vaccinations
  • Sitting and Standing on the Job
  • Weight Management
  • 5 Secrets to Ultimate Health

Bonus: Freedom from Fibromyalgia

Regular Price: $397.00


The Ultimate Orthotics Workshop

Discover how to perform an Orthotics workshop that will attract more new patients, add more dollars and build a successful practice. Guaranteed! Secrets to internally and externally market your orthotic products for massive profitability.


Regular Price: $397.00


The 'Blackbelt' C.A. Procedural Manual

Unleash the power and passion within your C.A.s with everything you need to run an ultra-successful practice; never ending training - from paperwork to scripts to objection management. Arm your C.A.s with tools to master the front desk from the moment they are hired!

BONUS: Learn the secrets to hiring the right staff that will help your practice grow every single day.


Regular Price: $397.00


Secrets To Successful Screenings

This introductory product is one of the most powerful products on the market! It's a complete introduction and guide to the secrets of outrageously successful screenings. This product includes material on how to book screening and where, checklists of everything you will need to succeed, how to hire the right screening team, scripting, screening booth layout and much more!

Limited Time Edition Product!

Regular Price: $97.00



Children’s Health Festival

Local Doctors Are Serving MORE New Patients Than Ever... Acquiring 50 to  150  

New Patients, Establishing Themselves As "The" Community Leader And Building Incredibly Massive Practices With This  

Easy To Implement, One Day, Children's Health Fair...That Literally Pays For Itself!

Imagine becoming the "Go To" doctor in your community, where everyone can't wait for your much anticipated "CHILDREN'S HEALTH FAIR", that won't even cost you a dime.

The Children's Health Festival Is Our "BIG FISH" Product. This turnkey, audacious project is a practice and community event changer.  Developed by Chiropractic Master, Dr Darren Poncelet.


In it, we teach you from beginning to end how to organize, budget, implement and execute
this festival with a turnout of THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE from your community....

For Absolutely NO MONEY.


Here’s What’s Included:

  • DVD that flawlessly walks you through a step by step process to set up this health fair from A-Z


  • Digital files with all the scripts, letters, and vendors to contact who will pay for your entire event


  • 12 month timeline and to do list with checklist


  • Key steps in advertising through mainstream and social media to maximize attendance


  • How to get FREE loot bags, giveaways and draw prizes from your sponsors


  • Strategies for chiropractic posture checks, scans and converting prospects into new patient


  • Budget worksheet & sponsor checklist to acquire and collect tiers of sponsors from $500 up to $1250


  • Festival layout for optimal traffic control


  • Strategies to acquire other chiropractors and health professionals to partake and help you execute this massive event


  • How to capture audio visual for promotion of the event in consecutive years


  • Secrets to collecting teams of student volunteers (HINT: they need community volunteer hours)


  • Mastering the "Passport System" to ensure that every child is checked 


BONUS: Unlimited support from Dr Darren Poncelet himself to ensure the event runs perfectly!   

Regular Price: $697.00


"The Ultimate I WANT IT ALL Package"

"The Ultimate I WANT IT ALL Package"

For those who want to skyrocket their practice quickly, enjoy having ALL of Dr Mike’s top products added to your success library and at your fingertips!

These add up to a retail value of $1985.00 if purchased separately. But we've bundled them all into the Ultimate “I WANT IT ALL” Package for just $1497.00 — that's a $488.00 savings to you!

Get your Ultimate “I WANT IT ALL” Package now!


(Retail Value: $1985.00)


Customized Products

Chiropractic Masters offers marketing solutions and tools to attract a higher number of patients and generate a better profit. All of our products offer you a wide range of methods to help your practice market itself in your community and surrounding areas. The products available here were developed by Chiropractors for Chiropractors. The possibilities are endless, if you have a new idea, please contact us, and we'll help make your idea a reality!

All of our products contain tools (such as posters, direct mail pieces, flyers, ads etc) that are meant to be used as a template; they can be reproduced internally in your clinic. If you don't have the resources to do so, let us customize each tool for you!





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