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“The message Dr Mike has been delivering for over 10 years has been impacting thousands in our profession. Dr. Mike speaks with a consistent voice with passion, certainty, conviction and above all else a powerful purpose! When Dr Mike begins speaking the room becomes energized and empowered with a message that has impacted hundreds upon hundreds of offices! A must see speaker to experience - who will move you down to the very fiber of your soul. I promise, you will NOT be disappointed but will walk away a much better human being enriched by the knowledge you learn from this man on a mission!”

- Dave Mager, Game Face Speaker, Motivator, Author



"Dr. Mike Reid is a powerhouse! From the start to finish, he will leave you wanting more. I especially honour the fact that he is not only interested in your Chiropractic business success, but teaches the critical link between personal success and belief systems and professional success. He invites you to BE at a higher level, and then DO at a higher level! I am proud to share the Canadian stage with him!"

- Brandi MacDonald, True Concepts Inc. Professional Speaker and CA Coach


“Dr. Mike is one of the most gifted chiropractic speakers in our profession.  He represents passion, love and energy for chiropractic.  He also has a funny sense of humor which gets his audience laughing and makes him more attractive as a speaker.”

-Billy DeMoss, founder of the Dead Chiropractic Society and the California Jam



“Dr. Mike is one of the most passionate speakers today.  He delivers his message in a simple and easy to use form that leaves the audience feeling empowered. He is awesome!”

-Dr. Fabrizio Mancini


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