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Dr. Mike has been coaching our office for the last 8 months, and during that time we’ve seen our office grow by 33%, with improved systems, procedures and service.  We’ve found that Dr. Mike is flexible, accommodates his coaching style and topics to the most important needs of our office, and provides great inspiration and experience to an already successful office.  Any office can go from struggling to good with a little extra effort and accountability.  It takes passion, purpose and surrounding yourself with the those who truly call you to something greater --  to take you from wherever you are to inspired and extraordinary.

Dr Staci J Borkhuis, Dr Travis Myers and Dr Matt Hanson
Minot, ND


"Again and again Dr. Mike has raised the bar and set fire to empower me to serve others. After 3 years with his program I have QUADRUPLED my practice and continue to be astounded at his evolving creativity, passion and commitment to help myself and hundreds of other doctors exceed above and beyond our expectations. His program is rock solid for leading you to the pinnacle of the profession."

Dr. Doug Lukinuk
Peterborough, ON


“We’ve been with Dr Mike for over 7 years now and our practice has more than QUADRUPLED! His seminars are exceptional and only getting better each time.
Don’t miss that opportunity for perfection!”

Dr. Francois Poirier and Dr. Michele Bernatchez
St. Rose Laval, QC




"The results were immediate! We experienced a 68% increase in patient visits in the month following his seminars."

Dr. Marnie Grant & Dr. Ken Heinrich
Courtenay, BC




"We've TRIPLED our practices coaching with the team that is leading the chiropractic profession! Dr. Mike and his team are true leaders in our profession. They are principled Chiropractors that bring back the passion that we all had when we were called upon to serve as Chiropractors. Dr. Mike is a true testament of a principled Chiropractor that will give his soul to save Chiropractic globally. This investment will literally change your life."

Dr. Peter Buzek
Leamington, ON


"Grow with Dr. Mike! I have every year by 100 visits/week! You can too! Join with Chiropractic Master's team as your first step."

Dr. Justine Blainey-Broker
Brampton, ON






“I began the Chiropractic Masters Program in March 2009. After just 5 months in the program I began seeing an average of 170 patients per week! Dr. Mike does not only coach his marketing and business techniques, but also educates in the philosophy and passion for chiropractic as well- essentials for practice success that were certainly not included in the curriculum at chiropractic college. For a recent grad, it is essential to be among the most successful chiropractors in practice i.e. other Chiropractic Master clients; it is a GOLDMINE to learn from them and to see abundant practice success. I am grateful to Dr. Mike for his coaching as well as his leadership in the profession.”

Dr. Maria Giannotti
Strathroy, Ontario



"Coming out of CMCC I had a lot of clinical knowledge that did not translate into success in the real world.  The coaching I have done with Dr. Mike has taught me the business and marketing skills I needed but never learned in school.  Chiropractic Masters has definitely served me a great deal in my practice and my life.  Don't think about it....take the step and sign up.  It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make in your career."

Dr Adam Brookes
Kitchener, Ontario



"Since joining Chiropractic Masters, I am continuing to reap the benefits. Doing your Doctors Report and the Day 1/ Day 2 procedures and they are working wonderfully! We have been getting more than usual calls from our ads and patient reactivations. We are putting patients through the new Day 1, Day 2 procedures and Doctors Report with great results. I know the summer can be a time when practice can slow down... We are growing."

Dr Jeff Lustig
Peterborough, Ontario



“Only 6-months into joining Dr. Mike’s program and our practice boasted a 100% increase in patient visits.  The office dynamic and energy is at an all-time high.  We continue to master all our patient procedures and increase our efficiency.  All this permits us to provide patients with the best of care.  I can confidently say that this program is the perfect addition to any office looking to grow in their community.”

Dr Maher Obeid
Burlington, Ontario



“I feel inspired and motivated to LIVE ON PURPOSE, and serve as many people in my community as possible with the highest quality of chiropractic care.

It doesn’t matter how much information or knowledge you have if you don’t put it into ACTION. Dr Mike doesn’t only give you a plethora or information on HOW to build a very successful practice, but he also INSPIRES you to act on that information – bridging the gap to making it a REALITY.”

Dr John LaBrie
Ottawa, Ontario



“Dr Mike’s seminars & program CHANGED MY LIFE! I needed this SO MUCH! It’s the kick in the rear that I needed in order to explode my practice! Thank you SO MUCH!


Dr Melissa Gagnon
St-Tile, Quebec




"Chiropractic Masters came into my life during a very difficult time back in the fall of 2008 and since then, I joined the program in February 2010 and my practice has grown 30%I am on track to grow another 40% this year. Dr. Mike truly wants every Chiropractor to succeed for their own benefit and for the benefit of those whom we serve. His methods are tried and true and can be reproduced by anyone...all you have to do is commit to the program and follow through. I can't thank Dr. Mike and all of the amazing people in the Chiropractic Masters group enough. For me, they have literally helped to bring the fun back into being a DC."

 Dr. Darrin Groleau
Midland, Ontario



“When our first child was born on December 7th 2009, I tried to take charge of the office by myself (because my wife was now at home with our baby).  We had a full change of staff at the time and, in just over 4 months, we saw an 85% drop in our weekly visits.  I realised that I needed help and decided to join Chiropractic-Masters.

Dr Mike has given me the confidence to reach my potential as a person, as chiropractor, as a business manager and entrepreneur and as a provider for my family. 

 I have seen other coaching programs and I have been coached before and I believe that the Chiropractic Masters program is the best out there.  The material is complete, easy to use and specifically geared to today’s Chiropractic reality.  It is a MUST for anyone who is passionate about helping their patients get well, stay well and understand the chiropractic message.”

 Dr Marc-Andre Boivin
Laval, Quebec


"The Chiropractic Masters team has helped us achieve phenomenal growth in our practice, with systems and procedures that will turn your office into a well-oiled machine. Even better, get back to having fun in practice, bonding with your staff, connecting with and educating your patients better, having more balance in your life, and looking forward to serving each and every day!"

Dr. Ed & Dr. Karen Osburn
St. Albert, Alberta



 "Since joining Chiropractic Masters my staff and I have been more enthusiastic and motivated to help see more people in the office. Your seminars have helped renew our passion for Chiropractic. This, combined with your procedures, is allowing us to deliver better care to more people in less time. Chiropractic Masters seminars are a life changing experience!"

Dr. Chris Coffman
West Chester, OH




"I don't know how any recent graduate can possibly succeed without attending Dr Mike's coaching program. Know where you are, where you want to go and do it with Dr Mike to get your business mindset started for success today...why wait until you are failing tomorrow, to realize you need Dr Mike's program TODAY!"

 Dr Kelly D.

Toronto ON


"Dr Mike rocks! He knows what he is doing and can help your practice really grow!"

 Dr Michael Popham.

Thunder Bay, ON



"My life and the life of those who see me as their D.C. has been and is continuing to be maximized. Thank you Dr Mike!"

 Dr Phil Smith

Whitby, ON




“…I went with coaching, and from that point on, we increased our new patient flow by 150% in just over a year…” - Dr Marc Andre Boivin

“My practice has gone up by 30%-40%, I’m a totally new person, I’m REALLY happy with myself and what I do!” Dr Melissa Gagnon

“I lost my passion for chiropractic…But coming to Chiropractic Masters set my mind into the right place, gave me procedures that I could implement to build my practice…And now, we’re where we were 10 years ago - happier in life and practice.” Dr Mark Mitchell


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